Red Air Paddle Boards

The Pool & Leisure Centre stock a full range of Red Air Paddle Boards. We also have demo boards to let you try different sizes and find which Red Air is right for you and your family. Inflatable boards were originally designed simply to solve the problems of storage space and transportation. There are now many brands offering inflatable paddleboards. (For more information on how inflatables are made and what to look for in a good inflatable check out But Red Air has taken the concept a whole stage further. Their boards inflate to such a high pressure (way beyond the competition), that they perform really well - many people now actually prefer them to solid boards.

And they are built so damn strongly that they're actually way tougher than any solid board - you can bounce them off rocks all day long. Yet they're so user-friendly!!!. Unlike ordinary boards, these don't hurt when they hit you. They also surf surprisingly well, too. Ding proof and fool proof , the Red Air boards are the best inflatable boards on the market by far.

And all that in a package that rolls up into a little bag you can easily keep in the car or on the boat. And it only takes 3-4 minutes to inflate with the hand pump (provided), or our 12v compressor. How convenient is that?!

Choose from one of the following paddle board options: 14' Elite 12'6 Elite 12'6 Explorer 12'6 Race 10'8 Mega 10'6 Ride 9'8 Allwater 11'0 Sport 9'6 Flow 9'2 Surf Star 9'4 Kids

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